The 8 Best Cast Iron Teapots

Whether you have an everyday tea ritual or only enjoy it on special occasions, a cast iron teapot provides the perfect tea. The best cast iron teapots retain heat well and keep it at a ready-to-serve temperature. They also have stainless steel infusers and handles with a secure grip.

Choosing a teapot can be challenging with the hundreds of different designs and options. So, how can you find the right teapot to match your style and preferences?

Read our reviews of the best cast-iron teapots you can find online. Let’s get started!

The Best Cast iron Teapots

Top ProductsRatingColor
1. Kendal Japanese Cast Iron Tea Pot Black4.7Black
2. Resveralife Empress of China Cast Iron Teapot4.4Green
3. Old Dutch Cast Iron Positivity Teapot4.4Dusk
4. Primula PCI-5228 – Great Cast Iron Teapot4.6Green
5. OOGOU Japanese-Style Cast Iron Teapot Set4.7Black
6. Primula PCI-4340 teapot4.5Blue
7. Towa COMINHKPR145645 – Stovetop Safe Cast Iron Teapot4.4Black
8. Happy Sales HSCT-BMG04 – Durable Cast Iron Teapot4.5Green

1. Kendal Japanese Cast Iron Tea Pot Black

This teapot is a great ]for brewing flavorful tea. It’s also a decorative centerpiece and is a great conversation starter.

This teapot retains heat well and enhances the tea flavor. It features an enamel-coated interior to prevent rust and a heavy-duty cast iron material for durability. Plus, it has a stainless-steel mesh that infuses tea leaves. You can easily brew tea, coffee, tea fruit, tea bag, and loose tea in this teapot.  

Another great feature is its nailhead, which symbolizes strength and beauty in Japanese culture. It is easy to clean and keeps tea hot for longer.

2. Horizon Fine Good Teapot Traditional Cast Iron Teapot with Strainers

Japanese manufacturers made this great teapot using cast iron for durability. Cast iron is a premium metal that distributes heat evenly

It has the best steeping method that infuses the right flavors into your tea. This teapot features a beautiful design and unique construction, keeping your tea from oxidizing, and is a great addition to your home décor.

This square Japanese teapot set features a fully enameled coating that prevents rust. Lastly, it is easy to use and clean.

3. Resveralife Empress of China Cast Iron Teapot

If you’re seeking a teapot that retains heat, consider the Empress of China teapot by Resveralife. It has a beautiful exterior and an eye-catching design.

This teapot offers uniform heating, enhancing the flavor of the tea. It also helps extract desirable nutrients from the tea. With this teapot well-sprouted spit, you can easily pour your favorite ingredients without a mess. The cast-iron metal delivers many health benefits. Overall, it’s the perfect cast iron teapot with all the essential features.

4. Old Dutch Cast Iron Positivity Teapot

Playful bird motifs inspire this Japanese-style cast iron teapot that is ideal for small families. It can maintain the water temperature for an hour. That means you don’t have to make tea right before teatime. The porcelain-enameled interior gives a fresh taste to the tea. It also makes cleanup a breeze.

This teapot features a stainless-steel tea strainer for brewing loose tea. The strainer also makes pouring tea in a cup convenient and easy. That means you can easily brew and serve flavorful tea to your guests.

5. Primula PCI-5228 – Great Cast Iron Teapot

If you’re looking for the best cast-iron teapot, consider this one by Primula. It has heavy-weight cast iron and comes with a removable lid. It features a traditional Japanese design and has a hand-crafted dragonfly on the mouth of the teapot.

The Primula teapot has a stainless-steel infuser for bagged and loose tea. Its fold-down handle and short curved spout enhance the elegance. Plus, it makes pouring the tea simple and easy.

This teapot has enameled interior to brew the perfect tea. The enameled interior makes sure that your tea doesn’t have a strange, metallic taste. It also prevents rusting and oxidation. 

6. OOGOU Japanese-Style Cast Iron Teapot Set

If you want a quality tea set, this one covers all the basics. It includes a 27-ounce teapot, a set of four cast-iron teacups, and a matching trivet so you can place your teapot on the table without damage. The interior of the teapot and the teacups have an enamel coating. Plus, the handle of the teapot has hemp rope to keep it cool. This teapot is available in three different patterns, so you can find one that matches your decor.

7. Primula PCI-4340 teapot

This great teapot from Primula is an affordable option for those looking for a high-quality cast iron teapot. It holds 34 oz. which is ideal for large families. It also includes a stainless-steel infuser to accommodate loose or bagged tea.

This teapot features a floral pattern design on the top, symbolizing the heritage and tradition of Japanese teapot making. It has a curved spout and a foldable handle for the effortless pouring of the tea. The fully enameled interior lets you clean the teapot easily.

8. Towa COMINHKPR145645 – Stovetop Safe Cast Iron Teapot

Unlike other models, the Towa teapot is the first stovetop cast iron teapot on our list. It is ideal for boiling water and brewing tea.

It features a traditional Japanese design and makes a perfect gift for grandmothers. The enameled interior ensures the freshness of the tea without adding a pungent taste. 

This cast-iron teapot is one of a kind and professionally crafted by skilled craftsmen. It’s a must-have for tea lovers.

9. Happy Sales HSCT-BMG04 – Durable Cast Iron Teapot

The Happy Sales cast iron teapot makes a delightful gift for any occasion. You can gift it to your parents on their anniversary or as a Christmas gift. It is also an excellent option for a family of two. 

This cast-iron teapot will keep your tea hot and ready to serve for up to an hour. Its porcelain-enameled interior ensures that your tea has no metallic taste or smell. It also comes with two cast-iron cups for serving. If you want to impress your guests, consider this durable and elegant cast iron teapot.

10. Sotya Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Pot Flower Pattern,1.3 L

The cast-iron kettle is ideal if you heat your tea on charcoal fires, induction surfaces, electric heating surfaces, and gas stovetops. Its interior surface is rust-resistant and easy to clean.

This teapot has additional health benefits as it releases iron into your brew. The teapot has a Fuji mountain design, making it stand out from other teapots on this list.

It features a round texture with the peony to symbolize prosperity and wealth. It can keep your tea warm for extended periods.

11. Iwachu Japanese Cast Iron Teapot

This magnificent teapot features gold cherry blossoms against a brown base making it an ideal keepsake and regular use teapot. Its porcelain-enameled interior keeps the tea fresh and warm for hours.  

It is hand-painted and can hold up to 650ml. It’s an artistic teapot for everyday use. It also comes with a stainless-steel tea strainer. The quality of this traditional teapot is top-notch and has a vintage feel to it. It’s suitable for serving up to three 8fl oz cups. Overall, it’s a great purchase for tea enthusiasts.

12. Lumaland Tetsubin Hobnail Design (12 Pieces)

This 12-piece cast iron set has everything you need to enjoy a tea party for four. The 47-ounce teapot brews enough to entertain a small group, and it comes with a set of four 3.3-ounce teacups with matching saucers. This set also features a stainless-steel infuser, lid-lifter, and bamboo scoop to make the brewing process easier. It also has a cast iron teapot warmer to keep your tea hot for longer. There’s also an eight-piece tea set available, which has two teacups and two saucers.

13. RIKYU RKTS508CP Cast Iron Tea Pot Tea Set Pine Copper, 24 Ounce, Gold

This teapot also comes with a removable stainless-steel mesh. It features a brown and black enameled interior. If you want to serve warm tea to your guests, you can rely on this teapot. It has powerful heat-retention properties that can keep your tea warm for hours.

The package comes with two cast iron serving cups. Plus, the cast iron exterior of this teapot set resists stains and dirt. It features a dragonfly, which symbolizes joy and happiness. It’s also a symbol of unity, strength, and courage.

14. Primula Cast Iron Teapot | Blue Floral Design w/Stainless Steel Infuser

The Primula teapot features a traditional Japanese design that offers elegance and durability with an enamel surface coating that keeps your tea fresh and ready for service for over an hour. The interior coating gives you easy care and cleaning ability.

Brewing tea is an art form, and this exquisite teapot helps you make the perfect tea. It has heavy-weight cast iron material that delivers taste and nutrients. It also features a stainless-steel infuser for loose leaf tea.

This teapot has floral patterns, a durable design, and the perfect sprout to help you pour tea with ease. Lastly, it is easy to carry the teapot with the ideal handle.

15. Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga Teapot, 52-Ounce, Black

This 52-ounce teapot will keep your tea fresh and ready to serve for up to an hour. It has a porcelain-enameled interior that keeps your teapot free of stains and dirt. The best part is that your tea won’t have a metallic taste. Plus, cast iron’s heat-retaining properties keep tea at the right temperature for up to an hour so that your guests can enjoy hot, flavorful tea.

This teapot is large enough to serve your friends and family. It includes a stainless-steel infuser to add flavor to your tea. You can rinse it with water and hand-dry it to prevent rusting.

Buyer’s Guide – Factors to consider when buying a cast iron teapot

Teapots come in various styles, but appearance isn’t the only factor that matters when choosing the best option. When looking for the perfect match for your tea drinking style, you’ll need to consider material, size, steeping options, and style. Read our buyer’s guide to select the best teapot for you.


If you only need to make one or two teacups at a time, a small pot is ideal for you. On the other hand, if you prefer sharing tea with your family or friends, you’ll want something much larger that can hold tea for a crowd. Larger teapots are also suitable if you prefer to drink hot tea throughout the day. You may wish to keep a teapot ready and pour a cup whenever you want it.


Teapot material influences a variety of considerations like flavor, heat distribution, and longevity. Ceramic teapots are budget-friendly options popular for their diverse design variety. This type of teaware combines form with function and is a great choice for casual tea drinkers.

Glass teapots let you watch the tea as it steeps and its leaves unfurl, making them ideal for steeping blooming teas. These teapots don’t hold heat as well as other options and are prone to staining and breakage.

Cast iron teapots are attractive and rugged, providing consistent and long-lasting heat of any teapot material. They deliver tea with a perfectly balanced flavor and nutrients every time. You may want to choose a cast iron teapot with an enamel coating inside. Otherwise, tea brewed inside one may have a metallic taste. After use, wash your hands and dry your cast iron teapot to prevent rusting.


Many pots have a built-in infuser that lets tea leaves expand inside the pot. Check to see if your chosen teapot has one of these. Alternatively, you can purchase one separately.

Infusers play a role in tea expansion. They also make straining and cleaning your teapot easy. They are perfect for everyday tea, but you need to make sure that they are large enough.

Why is a small infuser bad?

If the infuser is too small, the tea leaves may never open fully, meaning that you won’t enjoy the best full flavor. The perfect example of a tea brewing pot that is too small is a “tea ball.” A tea ball is a small, egg-shaped device with a chain at the end. When you brew tea with one of these, the tea leaves become stuffed, and you may need to pry them out.  


A solid teapot should feature a handle that has a good grip. It must be well insulated so that you don’t burn your hand. The spout must level with the rim of the opening to avoid dribbling while pouring. Look for a tight-fitting lid, and make sure there’s a small pinhole to let the air out and prevent spills.

Aside from functional considerations, the teapot style you choose is entirely up to you.

Benefits of cast iron teapots

Here are some of the key benefits of cast iron teapots:

It keeps your tea hot  

Cast iron is a heavy-duty metal. This material has good thermal density properties, and it can retain heat very well. Compared to stainless steel, glass, and ceramic teapots, cast iron teapots maintain their heat much longer. The material also distributes heat evenly, which helps with the brewing process.

Tea tastes better in cast iron

Many tea experts use cast iron teapots to make the perfect tea. The reasons cast-iron teapots make for a better tea drinking experience are:  

  • The enamel in cast-iron kettles or teapots is nonporous, which means teapots do not absorb smells or flavors that unglazed ceramic teapots may do.
  • Thermal density helps keep water at the right temperature, enhancing the complexity and character of the tea.

Durable and long-lasting

Cast iron teapots can potentially last forever if cared for regularly. You may never need to look for another teapot. Plus, cast iron gets better with time. Cast-iron teapots are unbreakable and resistant to cracking. They are an heirloom that you can easily pass down through the generations.

Enameled teapots don’t absorb flavors

As mentioned, enameled teapots do not absorb flavors or smells. When you brew tea, the only flavor that you want to taste is that of the tea. Enameled teapots do not absorb flavors or smell from previous use. And they are easy to wash when you’ve finished, so your tea will taste and smell freshly steeped.  

Stylish and beautiful

Some cast-iron teapots feature traditional Japanese designs. These teapots combine style and practicality and offer a unique way for you to enjoy your afternoon tea. Cast iron teapots come in a variety of vibrant colors.

Japanese cast-iron teapots are called Tetsu Kyusu in Japanese. These traditional teapots are fantastic decoration pieces to display on your kitchen shelf. Teapots are perfect for get-togethers and special events occasions. You can brew great-tasting tea, and your guests will adore your teapot.

A good value

For something that lasts forever, a cast iron teapot is a great bargain. You can buy a top-of-the-line traditional cast-iron teapot for less than $100.

Now that you understand the benefits of a cast iron teapot, it’s time to get the most out of yours. Here are some tips:  

Know the different types of cast iron tea vessels

There are two types of traditional Japanese cast iron tea vessels used to make tea:

  • A tea kettle (tetsubin)
  • A teapot (Tetsu kyusu)

You must choose the right cast iron tea vessel for the right job. You don’t want to end up damaging your teapot or kettle from incorrect use.


You can use Tetsubins or traditional Japanese tea kettles to boil water. These tea kettles are like ancient Japanese water kettles and like those popular in the Victorian era. They have cast iron and feature a built-in swing handle. You can use tea kettles directly over charcoal fires. You can also use them on gas stovetops and ceramic burners.

Tetsu Kyusu

Cast iron teapots or Tetsu Kyusu feature an enamel glaze on the inside. These are the modern variations of the classic Tetsubin. The enamel helps prevent rust, and the compact size is for practical use. Most Japanese teapots feature an infuser, which is a device for loose tea leaves. Infusers have the same role as tea bags and make clean up quick and easy.

You should never use cast iron teapots to boil water for tea. You should only use them to make tea. Plus, you can’t use them over an open flame or the stovetop as they might crack.

The rules of using a Japanese Cast Iron Teapot

If you just got your first teapot, you should not brew tea in it right away. Experts recommend boiling water in your teapot, throwing it out, and repeating the process. This process helps remove the odor that comes with a new cast-iron teapot.

Here are the main steps of cleaning a cast iron teapot:

  • You need to boil water to kill any bacteria that may be living inside your teapot.
  • Remove the lid and infuser out of your teapot.
  • Swish boiling water around your teapot.
  • Repeat the process until you’re satisfied.
  • Wipe the teapot with a cloth and leave it to dry.

Important Use and Care Tips        

  • Never touch any part of the teapot with your bare hands as it will be very hot. You should always use an oven mitt for easy handling.
  • Do not pour cold water into an empty cast iron teapot that you have pre-heated; it may cause it to break.
  • Do not leave standing water in your cast-iron teapot to cause rust.
  • Avoid contact with salt and oil
  • When cleaning your teapot, do not use harsh detergents, soaps, or scrubbers. Simply wipe the outside with a dry cloth. Then, turn the teapot upside down to air dry.
  • Store your cast iron teapot in a cool, dry place.
  • Use a trivet when your teapot is hot to avoid damaging your table and kitchen counter. Also, you can use the trivet to display your teapot as the iron content can discolor surfaces.
  • Never heat an empty teapot in an open fireplace. Doing that can damage your teapot and even cause cracks on the enameled interior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cast iron tea kettle?

An authentic cast iron tea kettle does not feature an enamel lining. Many kettles sold in America often have an enameled lining on the inside but are sold as tetsubins. These are teapots — not kettles. Kettles are known as Tetsu Kyusu in Japan and are suitable for boiling water. Enameled teapots or kettles are ideal for steeping tea and not for boiling water. Plus, you cannot use them to heat water on the stovetop.

What are the bright red spots inside my cast iron teapot?

These bright red spots are natural phenomena caused by the high iron content. You don’t have to worry about them as they are harmless.  

What are the white spots inside my cast iron teapot?

You might find white spots on the inside of your cast iron teapot; these are normal and are concentrated minerals from evaporated water. These minerals form a layer on the teapot and help prevent rust.

Can I remove rust from my cast iron tea kettle?

If you’d like to remove rust, you can fill your kettle with tea leaves and boil the water. The tannic acid in the tea leaves will help remove the rust and create a natural barrier to prevent a future recurrence.

Can I microwave my cast iron teapot?

No! Cast iron tea kettles are not suitable for microwave use. You can only use them on a stovetop or over an open fire.

Can I put a cast iron teapot in a dishwasher?

No. You should not put a cast-iron teapot in a dishwasher. If you want to clean a cast iron teapot, simply wash the inside with soapy water. Then, wipe out the teapot and place it upside down to dry completely.

How can I keep my cast iron teapot looking new?

To polish the tea kettle’s surface, simply wipe it with a cloth soaked in tea to keep your teapot glossy. Also, try to keep your teapot away from the stovetop. So, there are fewer chances of oils coming into contact with the teapot. 

Are cast iron teapots good for health?

Cast iron teapots add iron into your tea, making it beneficial to those with iron deficiency. These pots also heat water evenly and kill bacteria.

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