The 7 Best Small Radios For Kitchen

Whether you are making breakfast or whipping up something for supper, having music on the radio makes a huge difference!

It’s worth investing in a portable radio if you want to listen to podcasts, talk shows, or some upbeat music in the kitchen. You can find some handy small radios that can play radio stations, connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and feature a memory stick with your favorite music. You want something that offers good sound to make cooking fun.

We’ve reviewed radios that deliver consistent, reliable sound with stylish designs that look great on your kitchen counter. Read on to find out more about the best small radios for the kitchen. Let’s dive in!

Best Small Radios For Kitchen

Top ProductsRatingColor
1. iLive Wireless Under-the-Cabinet Bluetooth FM Radio4.5Blue
2. Greadio Vintage Radio/Bluetooth Speaker4.6Walnut
3. Sangean AM/FM Portable Digital Radio4.3Black
4. Tyler Bluetooth Under-The-Cabinet Radio4.1White
5. WSHDZ Bluetooth Speaker Portable Radio4.1Black
6. DreamSky Portable AM/FM Radio4.4Grey
7. Antimi Bluetooth FM Radio/Speaker4.3Pink

1. iLive Wireless Under-the-Cabinet Bluetooth FM Radio

If you’re looking for high sound quality and have limited space, the iLive radio is a great choice.

This Bluetooth wireless radio features everything you need to mount it easily under your kitchen cabinet. It has a negative LCD with a backlight that lets you see clearly and choose between twenty FM station memory presets. Other standout features include a digital clock, a timer, a single alarm, a dimmer control, and a pairing button.

The iLive radio has a wireless range of 60 feet and includes AC/DC power adapter. The digital clock has a backup of 2 AAA batteries.

With built-in stereo speakers, this is the perfect cooking companion. It can also connect to your Bluetooth devices and play your favorite songs. Lastly, it takes up no counter space and is ideal for small kitchens.

2. Greadio Vintage Radio/Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re seeking a vintage-looking radio with modern features, the Greadio is a great option.

The radio uses advanced technology and is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can instantly connect your phone or tune in to local radio stations using the retro dial. Its retro design makes it a standout piece in your kitchen. It has natural walnut wood and blends in with your home décor.

The Greadio radio uses the latest digital and audio technology. It’s a compact speaker and lasts for a playtime of up to 9 hours. Overall, its unique design and high-quality sound make it an ideal kitchen radio.

3. Sangean AM/FM Portable Digital Radio

The Sangean AM/FM Portable Digital Radio features a protective bumper that keeps it safe from any kitchen damage. It has ten station presets (5 AM and 5 FM) for those who enjoy listening to radio music. Other features include auto seeks stations, adjustable tuning steps, a sleep timer, and a snooze function! It’s easy to read LCD with a backlight that helps you keep track of the time.

The Sangean digital radio has a built-in lock switch for added convenience. It is a portable radio that will easily sit on your kitchen counter or shelves. It is a compact radio that will easily fit onto the top of your kitchen counter or upon one of the kitchen shelves.

This compact radio has a powerful sound, making it perfect for your kitchen. You can plug in your headphones and carry the radio if you want to continue grilling outside!

4. Tyler Bluetooth Under-The-Cabinet Radio

The Tyler radio fits snug without taking up any counter space in your kitchen. This radio has an FM tuner with a twenty-station memory and a Bluetooth function for wireless streaming from a smartphone.

With two built-in speakers, the sound is clear and powerful. It features a time display, a dual alarm, a sleep timer, and a snooze function.

The radio also has LED lighting that illuminates the work station below it, which is great for meal prep. You can also use the touch-screen display when cooking. It has a Bluetooth interface that enables the hands-free function. It also has a built-in microphone so that you can take calls through your radio!

5. WSHDZ Bluetooth Speaker Portable Radio

The WSHDZ radio offers a superior sound quality that is crisp and clear. The built-in voice coil speaker delivers clear sound without any distortion.

With Bluetooth capability, this radio can connect to your smartphone or tablet. It features a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for up to 7 hours. Plus, it has a USB charger for easy charging.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology gives the WSHDZ radio a connection range of 66ft and guarantees stable transmission. You can use the portable radio to tune in to your favorite stations or stream music from your smartphone. Its advanced features make cooking fun and exciting.

6. Byron Statics AM/FM Radio

The easy-to-use Byron Statics radio features a large dial and a big turning knob to help you find your favorite station.

The carrying handle on this radio makes it easy to move around your kitchen. You can choose to use the external speakers or the headphone jack to keep the good music to yourself.

The eternal antenna can swivel 360 degrees. It picks up weak stations well, so you are not limited to the stations you can choose to play.

The retro radio is small but powerful and has great features that you will use in your kitchen!

7. DreamSky Portable AM/FM Radio

For a portable kitchen radio that gets the job done, the DreamSky radio is the perfect option.

It has fantastic reception and a clear, loud sound. The handheld radio easily pulls in AM and FM signals, giving you many options.

This radio is battery-operated and delivers great sound. It is lightweight and portable so that you can move around the house if you need to.

This portable black radio with white and silver accents will match any décor. It is simple yet effective and ideal for the kitchen. You can tune in to your local stations while preparing some tasty food.

8. Antimi Bluetooth FM Radio/Speaker

The Antimi Bluetooth FM Radio Speaker has superior-quality and distortion-free sound. It offers a wide audio range for a small and compact speaker.

You can easily enjoy up to twelve hours of playtime. You can charge its ithium-ion battery is rechargeable and can be charged from most USB power sources. The all-metal body is comfortable to the touch and has no sharp edges. It features three different modes to play your music, including a Bluetooth mode, sensitive touch buttons, and a micro SD card.

The colorful screen displays the usage capacity of the battery and the radio mode. The screen is also weather-resistant. You can get the best out of this kitchen radio as it supports most radio stations.

9. Vondior AM/FM Radio

The Vondior AM FM Radio features reliable, old-school technology. The transistor radio works properly, allowing you to tune into your favorite station with zero distractions.

The Vondior radio uses AA batteries, so you never have to worry about wires. It delivers loud and crystal clear sound without being large and bulky. It will fill your kitchen with music using a large built-in speaker.

This simple radio has fewer buttons than a modern device. But it includes everything you need like a power button, a volume button, a mono earphone jack, a telescoping antenna, and a carry strap for added convenience. It’s a great kitchen radio and makes for a perfect gift for someone who enjoys simpler things in life.

10. Panasonic RF-2400D AM / FM Radio

Panasonic RF-2400D is battery-powered radio with a classic look, excellent performance, and simple controls. It makes a wonderful gift for older adults who prefer traditional radio. Despite all the unique features and excellent sound quality, this radio comes with a very affordable price tag.

The analog tuner and antenna offer a full AM/FM frequency range, and the 10cm speaker delivers decent sound. The knobs and dials are easy to use, and there’s a headphone jack if you want to listen to radio music without disturbing others.

A portable radio is an essential part of any emergency kit, letting you hear alerts and listen to the news when you’re traveling.

11. Crane CC Skywave Shortwave Travel Radio

This option by C.Crane is a shortwave radio with AM/FM bands. It delivers outstanding performance in terms of sound clarity. For the price, this radio has many features to offer. It features preset buttons so you can listen to your favorite stations directly. You can also use headphones for the sound. This radio is a great choice for audio quality. If you live in areas with unstable weather conditions, you can rely on the C.Crane radio.

12. Bose Wave Music System IV

Our next pick is a chic and sophisticated radio with plenty of punch. This Bose Wave Music system features an AM/FM radio tuner, Bluetooth capacities, built-in CD player to let you stream music from your smartphone or tablet. You can also use a standard 3.5mm cable to connect the speakers to other devices.

Bose’s decades of experience in the audio industry help deliver crisp, clear sound that’s surprisingly powerful for your kitchen. The streamlined design also helps the radio blend in easily to most kitchen décor schemes.

13. Tivoli Audio Bluetooth AM/FM Radio

This Tivoli audio system combines old-school design with updated technology, letting you listen to the radio or use it as a speaker for your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Users say the radio’s full-range drivers deliver warm, sophisticated sound that isn’t brassy. The analog tuner picks up AM and FM radio channels cleanly, even in locations with weak reception or houses and apartments with concrete walls.

This set features the Model One BT Radio, FM Antenna, user manual, warranty card, and rubber feet to prevent surface scratching.

14. Como Audio: Solo – Wireless Music System

If you like traditional radios with modern design, this one is perfect for you. This option by Como is one of the most advanced radios you can find. It is popular for its premium quality and unique features.

The Camo radio offers good value for the money. It features AM/FM, internet radio, and presets for saving your favorite music and has a USB input for music playback, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity.

15. Crosley Solo AM/FM Radio

You can enjoy the consistent, powerful sound with this vintage-looking radio. It makes a fantastic addition to your kitchen’s décor. It has all the essential features that make it a great choice for anyone looking for a simple yet effective radio.

The Solo by Crosley radio comes with an auxiliary input and output, volume control, a headphone jack, and a tuner. It has a solid, clean sound and brightens up any kitchen it occupies.  

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider when Buying a Radio

You may be spending your time streaming music these days, but it’s hard to deny the old-fashioned appeal of listening to the radio. Whether you’re tuning into the latest news, checking the weather, or discovering new music, radio stations enhance your listening experience. You can listen to DJs and broadcasters while you prepare meals on a lazy Sunday morning.

When deciding on the best radio to buy, you need to consider a few factors. Remember that the radio is for your kitchen, so forget about matching it with your home decor. Here are some of the important factors to consider when choosing your new kitchen radio:


A kitchen radio should not require too much space. It should be compact and take less space on the kitchen counter. Small radios also leave more room to cook and prepare food.


You may want to transfer the radio from one counter to another without worrying about wires and size. Consider buying one of the many portable kitchen radios shared on our list.

High-Quality Sound

Kitchens can get quite loud and noisy, so you need a radio with high-quality speakers for better sound. You want to be able to hear your music when other appliances are on or when you’re boiling something on the stove.

You should not have to buy extra speakers to get a decent sound in the kitchen. The kitchen-friendly radios on our list are loud enough, so you don’t have to worry about add-ons.

Remote Control Option

Your hands can get messy when cooking, and you may not want to touch your radio with sticky or wet hands. So, having a remote control for your radio can help.

If you are concerned about messing up your remote with sticky hands, you can cover it with a plastic freezer bag.

Style and Design

If you are keen on the décor in your kitchen, you will want to find a radio that matches your appliances and themes.  

Wireless Bluetooth Feature

Choose a radio that has Bluetooth connectivity so you can use your smartphone or tablet to play music or live stream straight to your kitchen radio.

USB Charging Option

 Having a USB port means that you charge the kitchen radio and then have it wireless in the kitchen. You can also plug in a memory stick and play your stored music.

Analog or Digital

Analog kitchen radios look retro, but they might not be the best options for you. It isn’t easy to find spare parts if something breaks in an old-fashioned analog kitchen radio. Plus, digital radios have the latest technology and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use portable radio in the kitchen?

Yes, you can use a portable radio in the kitchen. Depending on the radio, you will need to either plug in a memory card or use a Bluetooth connection.

Keep the portable radio away from any spills and messes that could damage it. Remember to place the radio on charge at night, so you can enjoy it when preparing meals the next day!

What can I stream through my radio?

There are endless options that you can stream through your radio. You can stream your favorite podcasts, music, and radio stations. You can also stream cooking tutorials to improve your culinary skills!

Can Alexa play radio stations?

Yes, Alexa speakers can play radio stations if you enable the skill on the app. Alexa is popular for its ability to stream pre-recorded podcasts and music, but the device also has access to thousands of radio stations.

What can kitchen radios do other than playing music?

Modern-day radios have many unique features. You can record your favorite songs, set up alarms, or use your radio as a kitchen timer.

Are FM radios cheap?

Yes, most FM radios are affordable. Keep in mind that the price may vary depending on what the device offers. For instance, a kitchen radio featuring an alarm, timer, and Bluetooth connectivity may be more expensive than other options on the market.

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